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 Alexandra Polya

Alexandra Polya

Founder of Takesumi and Bijin


After studying languages including Japanese, and oriental civilizations, Alexandra Polya flew to Japan in 1996. Based in Tokyo for 11 years and simultaneously in Hong Kong for 2 years, she was able to join large cosmetics companies. and thus acquire significant experience in this field. At the same time, she becomes aware of a healthier lifestyle that tends towards ecology and respect for the person. Japanese culture and Japanese rituals will influence his decision to create Takesumi and Bijin.


TAKESUMI is a trademark of BIJIN company.  

We are specialists in Japanese vegetable charcoal Takesumi and Binchotan that we import directly from Japan. Our suppliers are all craftsmen, from generations of Master Burners and hold ancestral know-how for making vegetable charcoal.

Our objective is to make discover via quality products, Japanese craftsmanship and ancestral techniques which are perpetuated from generation to generation and from masters to disciples.


Bijin reveals to you the traditional Japanese beauty culture to revive its ancestral rituals and gestures by selecting ingredients used for centuries with a line of "foodie" treatments and Nagano ceramics.

Each product is the imprint of more than 1400 years of history with its legends, its rituals, its gestures and its ancestral know-how.

Japan, with a history of more than 16,000 years, has always known how to combine traditions and modernity. The archipelago has generated, from generation to generation, a concentration of the best craftsmen in the world whose knowledge, skills and techniques have evolved in  soaking up new technologies, from father to son, from mentor to disciple to meet the demands of each new era.

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