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How to recognize quality bamboo charcoal

baton de takesumi.jpg
Appearance and sound

The appearance should be black with metallic or iridescent reflections. The jingling of 2 bamboo coals together should give off a metallic sound.

Electrical conductor

Multimeter or bulb test

When Takesumi is baked at high temperatures or activated (between 800 and 1000 °), it conducts  electricity. All you need to do is bring a multimeter or an electric lamp bulb  with 2 ends connected with electric wires. The sample piece conducts electricity and the bulb lights up if the charcoal is activated and of good quality.

Absorbs chemical particles present in water

Testing contaminated glass of water

2 control glasses filled with chemical particles and dyes are placed side by side. In one, pieces of bamboo charcoal were placed. After a few hours, the liquid in the glass that received the takesumi clears up because it has absorbed  chemical products.  The other  remains yellow (coloring).

Reduction of electromagnetic waves

Testing the electromagnetic wave measuring device

The takesumi is placed near the electronic device in question (laptop, computer, etc.), the before-after measurement shows a decrease in V / m.

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