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visage femme recouvert d'un masque beauté noir au charbon


Cosmetic active, or natural dye for make-up.

The powdered Takesumi is extremely  finesse and will satisfy all your beauty needs.

Its purifying and detoxifying virtues make the skin clear and the complexion luminous.


Non-abrasive, takesumi can be used to whiten teeth.

Its anti-bacterial and odor-absorbing power make it a key ingredient for deodorants.

Use as a cosmetic active :

add 1/2 teaspoon of takesumi powder to your cleansing products. (masks, cleansing gel, shampoo, shower gel.

For the manufacture of deodorants, add 2 to 5% of takesumi in the composition

Use as a dental whitener :

pour a pinch of powder on your toothpaste or directly on the toothbrush. (2 times per week)

Bath use :

mineralize and reduce limescale in bath water while detoxifying the skin. Immerse a pouch of takesumi (50g) in the bath water.

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