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morceaux de charbon sur une planche

Become a Takesumi Ambassador

What is the principle ?

Become a Takesumi Ambassador 
by exclusively testing our different ranges of vegetable charcoal.

By sharing your experience on social networks, you participate in the success of our products and witness their effectiveness.

Participate in the development of  our / your  products  !

in line 

We carefully study each application so that the tests can take place under the best possible conditions. 

Test the products

A generous test, give us your opinion on:

Sensorality,  design, texture, smell, efficiency, etc. Note every aspect of the product from discovery to results.

Receive the / Products at home

You will receive the product at home with its instructions for use. This will allow you to have the perfect experience of the product to get the most benefit from it.

Share your experience

Your authentic opinions will help guide consumers by helping them find the care capable of meeting the requirements of their skin, as well as improving our products.

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